Closet Therapy

Effortless style starts with a thoughtful closet. We get to work organizing, consolidating, and making sense of your closet. We can take items to be tailored or repaired and consign or donate unwanted items.

Personal Shopping

Our shoppers are trained in ethical buying and are ready to tailor options to your personality, budget, needs and goals.

Travel Packing

Take the last-minute stress out of business trips and vacations with our packing service guaranteed to keep you stylish on the road.

Event Styling

Breeze the red carpet or wedding when one of our experts tackle the dress and the details with ease.

Outfit Planning

Let’s take the stress out of knowing what to wear in the morning by using high tech solutions to make you feel more powerful in the AM.

Personal Inventories

Our inventories will help save you money by avoiding those spur of the moment purchases.